Business Litigation Business Litigation

At Artemont, unlike “full-service” law firms, transactional work goes hand in hand with litigation, in all areas of expertise. Private and public litigation is at the heart of our practice.

Private Business Litigation

With proven experience in judicial works and dispute resolution, and consistent with the demands of the economy, Artemont is a leading law firm in business litigation.

Our expertise provides a strategy that is in line with the operational and economic context in which our clients operate. In addition, our multidisciplinary approach and ability to propose innovative solutions serves to assist our clients as efficiently as possible.

We assist our clients in commercial disputes against partners, competitors, clients, or for legal actions launched on the grounds of unfair and misleading commercial practices, restrictive practices, or defective products etc.

Our expertise also covers all aspects of corporate law, conflicts between shareholders, mergers and acquisitions, and securities law.

Public Business Litigation

Artemont represents clients in all areas of public law disputes, with special expertise in urban planning, public property and public procurement law.

Our public contracts and procurement activity focuses specifically on the various legal actions that can be brought before administrative and judicial courts following public procurement procedure as well as any disputes concerning the fulfilment of these contracts.

We are also recognized experts in all disputes relating to the property of public entities (conditions of use, pricing and collection of charges, eviction of illegal occupants of public property).